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I heart TIFF

This has been the most relaxing week I’ve had in a while!  Thank goodness for vacation!  I’m not gonna lie, I do wish it was a bit longer, but what can you do LOL.  Back to work on Monday (for a 4 day week mind you).  My vacation has just been quiet, low-key, housework and relaxing …. but the first few days were my vacation were the fun parts!  I’ve said for years I wanted to go to TIFF.  I’ve never had the opportunity (or the money) or anyone to go with.  Well this year my Aunt & Uncle were able to get me some tickets in exchange for puppy sitting.  I was SO excited!!!  I had no idea what films they would be for, or what days, really I was happy with whatever I could get (even foreign films with subtitles) LOL.  My vacation started last Friday, and I found out Thursday afternoon that I had tickets for Take This Waltz and Butter.  These two were on my list of 27 would love to see films.  Now the totally awesome part was that my Uncle was able to get me a Priority box seat ticket to the Gala World Premier for BOTH of these films!!!!  Now I had to look up what all this meant … I knew the world premier part … it was the Gala I was unsure of.  Well it meant that the Director, Producers and Cast who were in attendance came on stage to talk, then watched the show in the theatre with us.  Crazy huh!?!?!

I saw Take This Waltz first … this film was fantastic!! Sarah Polley directed it (love her ever since The Road to Avonlea), with a great cast of Michelle Williams, Seth Rogan, Luke Kirby, Sara Silverman and some others who I didn’t know.  All of the above (except Michelle) were in attendance …. SO cool!!!  The movie was filmed in Toronto and Cape Breton which was cool too.  It’s not your hollywood type movie, defiantly an artsy film, but I love those!

Then I saw Butter … holy crap this movie was FUNNY!!! There was a super star cast of Jennifer Gardner, Hugh Jackman, Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene, Alicia Silverstone, Ty Burrell, Rob Corddry, Yara Shahidi, Kristen Schaal and a ton of others.  All of the females above were in attendance (except Kristen) which was so awesome!!!  This movie will do really well, I’m sure if it … it’s a great mix of humor and sex LOL, the story is pretty fantastic!

Last night I went to the movies (I know my pattern for this vacation lol) with Carla.  We have both been dying to see Crazy, Stupid, Love for a while now.  This has been playing in theatres for 8 weeks now I think.  We were both glad to have seen it … SO funny!!! And honestly … Ryan Gosling … I remember him back in the Breaker High Days … but man he’s a beautiful man now LOL.  This is also a must see film!!

So that has been the highlight of my vacation, now back to some room renovations, Tupperware party prepping, puppy sitting and getting ready for the Terry Fox Run tomorrow.  Have a great Saturday!

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