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Wedding Day Bliss

A couple of weeks ago I was at my friend Kat’s wedding.  Kat and I go way back … we’ve been friends since highschool.  It’s nice to have  a handful of friends who you’ve known forever.  Way back in the day my parents named her the unofficial 5th resident at our house lol … my little brother used to play competitive hockey so they were out of town all the time … well Kat kept me company, and we took care of the house like 2 responsible girls (and never threw any parties … incase you read this Mom or Dad) lol.  I was beyond happy for Kat when she told me she was getting married.  Now that she lives in TO we don’t see each other nearly as often as I’d like, but I can’t wait to get to know her husband and be a part of the rest of their lives.  I didn’t take my camera to the wedding but got a few pics on my iPhone (love this darn thing lol).  So here’s a few shots of Kat & Daniel’s wedding in instagram photos …

The had some AMAZING photographers from Renaissance Studios  Check our their site (they have music that rocks too!!).  You can view the teaser gallery for Kat & Daniel’s wedding here.  Congratulations Kat & Daniel!! I was SO glad I could share your special day with you.  Check back tomorrow for pics of their handmade wedding gifts!

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