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I’ve got the itch for HANDMADE!

I want to call myself a sewer.  I own a sewing machine and DO use it, sometimes.  So it totally counts right?  I also have yummy fabric.  Not a lot of it, but I have some.  I am totally a sewer.  My friend Carla made me start with her … she does WAY more than me lol.  And really I just want to copy everything she does *love you* … I think she should give me what she makes, but she’s not buying it lol.

When I was blog surfing the other day I was on Elizabeth Kartchener’s blog and saw her ADORABLE sweater that I need.  I love love ruffles.  Everyone knows this.  Lizzy’s DIY is SO freaking cute … I have visions of adding ruffles to every darn cardigan I own now.

photo credit

Since coasters seem to be the only thing I’ve mastered as of yet lol.  I have a small set of 4 gorgeous brown coasters that are for my darling Aunts birthday.  We share the same birthday.  These are REALLY late since they havent gone in the mail yet *blush* but I’m sure she will love them!

I’m SO happy its the weekend!  Saturday means sleep in day for me which is the most exciting part of my week lol.  Have a lovely weekend, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. kimmer
    April 2, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    You go girl! Fabulous coasters, Michy!

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