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iPhone vs Nikon D80

Happy almost end of February!!  I’ve yet again neglected this blog … but I quit 2 jobs and started a new one, and well as always life/work has been crazy busy.  It will get better … I keep telling myself that LOL.

So who has an iPhone out there?  And who has a DSLR that they love?  I’m a big fat YES to all of the above! I was out taking some photos with my bff on the weekend (naturally the day before I picked up my new 28-105mm lens) and she snapped this pic of me … kinda funny …

In one hand I’m holding my D80 …. while taking a photo with my iPhone.  Some (who will remain unnamed) thought I was crazy for doing so … but if you have an iPhone you will understand … there are some AMAZING and totally fun apps out there for editing pics right on your iPhone!!!

Yes I totally took a picture of toilet paper lol …. but I was playing around lol. The above photos were all taken on my iPhone then edited with Instagram.  I lOVE this app!!! Snap  pic, choose your filter and presto you have a cool looking image!!!  You can post your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr … its pretty cool, check it out!!  Happy Thursday (its almost the weekend)!!

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