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Happy Sunday

It has been a crazy busy weekend!!! Always nice when you get those text messages that say “Happy Sunday” to start your day 🙂  I went to Scrapfest this weekend with my dear friend Carla.  We just went for the day to shop and hang out with some friends from out of town.  We had a blast!!! I bought a few things to say the least LOL.  Here is a picture (borrowed from Carla) of Dorrie, Carla, Heidi and Me.

These girls are the freaking best!!!! We had an AWESOME time at lunch.  Ok so I need to gush for a minute …. I have a little soft spot in my heart for Vicki Boutin ….. everyone knows this, I idolize this girl and think she is just the coolest person on the planet!!! And a pretty good scrapbooker too.  Well anyways last year at Scrapfest I got to meet her for the first time ….. I made Carla & Heidi (see above) take one of her classes with me.  They pretty much goofed off the entire time, while I worked away at the projects.  Well I was too afraid to ask Vicki for a picture, because come on … its Vicki Boutin people and I’m sure she gets asked by everyone everywhere she goes.  Well I finally got the picture last year (so I was on cloud 9) annnnnnd I won a prize!!! So Vicki is calling out names, and calls mine I’m thinking OMG Vicki just said my name … then guess what, she recognized my name from basically stalking her blog and commenting.  I was in freaking heaven!!!!  Well this year I didn’t take any classes (Sorry Vicki) but Dorrie kept telling me how she’s friends with Vicki so I may have begged for a photo …. well I got it 🙂  Thank you DORRIE!!!! and Thank you Vicki I lOVE you both to bits!!!!

Tomorrow I’m starting the Week In the Life project … I’ll post my progress tomorrow night!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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  1. April 18, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    ohh Michy.. you are such a cutie.. or at least i thought so until you posted that pic…LOL
    so amazing to meet you guys.. next year.. it’s a table for 4 please.. or 5… maybe we can get Vicki to come scrap with us.. and mama!!!!

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